"We want to build a fun Roleplay community where people want to come back time and time again."

( 1 ). Respect each and all members on the server. Do not disrespect, harass, threaten, troll, bully, or in any way or shape or form disrespect another player. Two wrongs do not make a right and in the end you both will be punished after proper investigation has been done. If a member of the Management Team tells you not to do something or makes a general announcement to everyone not to do something and you are caught doing it you will receive proper punishment without explanation.

( 2 ). Administrators at any given time have the right and the ability to kick/ban a player without any explanation. Administrators are incharge and keeping the peace and smooth running of the server while players are active on there. Administrators will use whatever is required to keep the peace and to keep things running smoothly. If you wish to speak to one you can ask them in the game chat.

( 3 ). It is prohibited to steal any vehicle which is classified as an Emergency Vehicle. If you wish to roleplay out a scene in which one would have to be stolen or used you will contact the Head Administrator and await for their response to this request. This is to prevent any misunderstanding information about the scene which is being played out. But do not use this to your advantage. ADMIN VEHICLE IS OFF-LIMITS!!!!

( 4 ). No matter the job that you are doing you have a Chain of Command. You will use it accurately and correctly. This gives those who are in various positions the option and ability to handle a situation the way they feel fit.

( 5 ). While on the server everyone will maintain a proper and professional Matter.

( 6 ). No one on the server will have God-Mode on. No vehicles are allowed to have god mode on as well. Such actions will result in the player being punished accordingly and professionally by the Head Admin.

( 7 ). All vehicles will be at level x2 power. If a player changes this option without proper approval punishment will be issued.

( 8 ). If you are caught Hacking or doing anything in which endangers the safety of the server you will be instantly dealt with. PERM BAN.

( 9 ). If a player is issued a PERM BAN that player is no longer allowed to join the server. If you wish to make a new account or try to evade this ban your new account will be banned as well.

( 10 ). All players who are on the server are required to have the application called You will use this for communication with other players and Co-Workers.

( 11 ). All players are required to be registered with the system. This is required to be complete within x48 hours after joining the server.

( 12 ) All players should be aware of the rules for the server as well as the rules on discord. Failure to comply with any rules will mean a punishment will be issued accordingly on how the situation was dealt with.

( 13 ). If a player has any questions or concerns then they can address it with the Head Administrator ( William.K ) and await a reply back.

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