About Us

LPC - Lines Police CAD

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    Free to use

    This is the worlds leading free to use Civilian, Police, EMS, Dispatch management CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) tool.

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    Developed with Users in Mind

    Built to help facilitate role-play communities across the globe. Always looking to keep the users at the forefront for new features and use cases.

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    Web, Mobile & Tablet Friendly

    Our service can support however you access the internet. We want to make each experience great.



There are a few ways you can help contribute, if you are interested

- Just by using this site and providing feedback is a great way to share that you like what you are using. Thank you!

- For any coders out there, check out our GitHub to help develop and work on the latest features, or even suggest your own.

- Feel free to follow us on Patreon, or join the cause and become on of our Patreon supporters. You can find us here: Lines Police CAD Patreon