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A free to use Civilian, Police, EMS and Dispatch management CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch). Built to help facilitate role-play communities across the globe. We developed this with users in mind. This is Web and Mobile friendly and can support community specific operations when creating civilians, citations and more. Click here to get started: Sign Up

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There are a few ways you can help contribute:

- Just using the site and providing valuable feedback is a great way to share that you like what you are using.

- If you are more technically inclined and want to help develop cool new features for this or other projects, please checkout our GitHub.

- Feel free to follow us on Patreon, or join the cause and become one of our Patreon's! Find us here: Lines Police CAD Patreon

- This website is completely open sourced on GitHub, which means you are free to contribute! If you find issues or would like to see something added, please open an issue on our GitHub page:

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